Carlsberg Foundation Scholarship 

What is the Carlsberg Foundation Scholarship?

The scholarship amounts to 5,000 DKK and can only be used to cover accommodation and travel expenses related to the

participation in the conference SPP9 presenting original scientific results.

The scholarship will be transferred on the indicated (by the recipient) bank account after filling the corresponding document and supplying the travel and accommodation documentation either during the conference or immediately afterwards.



Who is the Carlsberg Foundation?

The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the world’s oldest industrial foundations, being established in 1876 by J. C. Jacobsen who established the brewery Carlsberg in 1847. The Carlsberg Foundation supports visionary and innovative basic scientific research.



Who can apply?

All young scientists, who are either PhD-students or not more than 3 years after the obtaining the PhD degree and who have submitted an abstract, will be able to apply.



How to apply?


The round of applications has CLOSED



Who will be considered?

Young scientists who have applied in time and have an accepted abstract for SPP9.


SPP9, c/o BDP Congress

Bredgade 28, DK-1280 Copenhagen


Call: +45 3345 4510