International Steering Comittee


  • Din Ping Tsai, Chairman, National Taiwan University, Taiwan (SPP8 Chair)


  • Thomas W. Ebbesen, University of Strasbourg, France (SPP0 Chair)
  • Luis Martín-Moreno, University of Zaragoza, Spain (SPP1 Chair)
  • Joachim R. Krenn, Karl-Franzens University, Austria (SPP2 Chair)
  • Alain Dereux, University of Burgundy, France (SPP3 Chair)
  • L. (Kobus) Kuipers, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (SPP4 Chair)
  • DaiSik Kim, Seoul National University, Korea (SPP5 Chair)
  • Pierre Bérini, University of Ottawa, Canada (SPP6 Chair)
  • Uriel Levy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (SPP7 Chair)
  • Sergey I. Bozhevolny, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark (SPP9 Chair)


The SPP Steering Committee will be inviting candidatures for the organization of SPP10 ... more information will follow.



SPP9, c/o BDP Congress

Bredgade 28, DK-1280 Copenhagen


Call: +45 3345 4510