The Travel Guide Lonely Plant has ranked Copenhagen #1 as the best city to visit in 2019.


The city and the surrounding area offer the visitors unique experiences in culture, lifestyle and architecture from the Viking age through modern time and tomorrow. Take the opportunities and explore your Copenhagen this afternoon and bring back home unforgettable moments. You can choose following 5 tours:


Wonderful Copenhagen, Canals and Royal Palaces

This journey, over land and water, provides a myriad of sights that will surely whet your appetite for more.


A short drive from the pier, you’ll find the most famous lady in Denmark, The Little Mermaid. Looking wistfully out into the sea, she has been sitting here since 1913. Nearby is the Gefion Fountain, set amidst the parkland of the Kastellet and depicting the Nordic legend of the Goddess Gefion.


Travelling through the Frederiksstad, you will arrive at Amalienborg Palace, home of the Danish Royal Family (exterior visit). The Palace consists of four equal size rococo palaces surrounding a square that is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. No visit to Denmark would be complete without sampling the fabulous pastries, enjoy a brief refreshment stop and savour these sweet treats served with tea or coffee. Afterwards, you’ll continue to Nyhavn, a fashionable and popular part of the city where there are plenty of sidewalk cafés and restaurants. Next to Nyhavn, you will see King’s Square, where the Royal Theatre and Embassies are located.


It is then time to see the city from a different angle. Join a leisurely 50-minute canal cruise, which passes the Holmens Church and the Old Stock Exchange. Cruise along the canals of Christianshavn and see the spectacular Church of Our Savior and the newly-opened Copenhagen Opera House, opposite the Amalienborg Palace.


Historic & Modern Copenhagen

Almost like a journey through time, this tour will take you to the historical and idyllic village of Dragor - you will see the posh and modern city part of Copenhagen called Oerestad with award winning constructions, we will stop for a homemade ice-cream in the 50ies inspired "Ismageriet" before heading back to Copenhagen for a panoramic drive.


Driving through Copenhagen you will pass the Kings Square; Drive though the scenic Christianshavn with its canal, on your way to the Island of Amager. Drive along the Oeresound and the beach park "Amager Strand" where you will be able to catch a glimpse of the 17 kilometer long "oeresoundbridge" linking Denmark to Sweden.

Now it is time to stretch your legs in the idyllic village of Dragor. Your guide will take you on a walk through the narrow and cobbled streets, telling you the story about how Dutch farmers settled here to grow wedge tables for the Danish Royal Court. Visit the marina and enjoy some free time here.


Now it is time to head for the modern and newly built city part of Copenhagen called Oerestaden. You will pass outstanding structures such as the Hotel Bella Sky. You will see the award winning residential housing called the "8tallet" (Number 8 as if seen from above it has the shape of 8) designed by the architect Bjarke Ingels, who is known for other award winning buildings in this area such as "VM-bjerget".


Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is run as an independent institution which receives funding from the New Carlsberg Foundation and the State. The Glyptotek’s superlative collection contains over 10,000 works of art and archaeological objects and offers ever new perspectives on life, culture and civilization through a time span of 6,000 years.


Roskilde, Vikings & Cathedral

The museum holds a range of Viking ship excavated on the bottom of Roskilde Fjord. The oldest part of the Museum, the Viking Ship Hall, is constructed as a showcase around the five Viking ships, found in Roskilde Fjord. Together, they provide a unique perspective on Viking Age maritime culture: shipbuilding, seamanship, trade, defense and warfare - and the ability to journey far and wide and explore new horizons.


Roskilde Cathedral is a magnificent church and an architectural masterpiece. 1000 years of Danish history are gathered here under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts. Here 39 kings and queens of Denmark lie buried. The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Your guide will take you around and give explanations.


Kronborg Carstle & Maritime Museum of Denmark

Denmark has always been a well-known seafarer nation. This tour will take you to the newly opened Maritime Museum of Denmark in Elsinore as well as Kronborg Castle, which played a major role in controlling the ships traffic through Oeresound.


King Frederik II built Kronborg in 1574-1585 at the narrowest point of the Sound between Denmark and Sweden – the Renaissance counterpart of a modern motorway. Through it sailed trading vessels from all over the world, which had to pay a tax, ‘the Sound Dues’ to the Danish King.


On your guided tour though castle, you will hear the story of all the treasures the Sound Dues brought Denmark and how the castle was used by the Renaissance kings. Also visit the banqueting hall, which with its length of 62 metres was the longest in the North. So how does Hamlet get into the picture? William Shakespeare must have heard or read about the legendary Danish Prince, and since Kronborg was already known all over Europe in the Renaissance, he probably thought ‘That is Hamlet’s castle’. Since the 17th century innumerable theatre productions elsewhere in the world and at Kronborg have made sure the myth of Hamlet has been kept alive.


You will continue to Maritime Museum of Denmark located in a former dry dock next to Kronborg. Follow the sloping bridges down into the underground museum designed by the internationally renowned architect Bjarke Ingels. Here you’ll experience a colourful world with a whole range of exhibitions telling the story of Denmark as one of the world’s leading shipping nations - of the past and present. The museum’s maritime collections are presented in evocative and dramatic exhibitions, with films projected directly onto the architecture of the building.


Frederiksborg Castle & Fredensborg Castle

From the Scancic you will be taken by coach to the north of Zealand along the beautiful costal road of Strandvejen which offers breath taking views all the way to our neighbours in Sweden. The destination is Hillerød – once a centre of royal activity, now most famous for Frederiksborg Castle which bears witness to the town’s many hundreds of years of regal history.

When entering Frederiksborg Castle you are instantly taken back to the 1600s and the time of King Christian the 4th, whose use of the buildings were the most intensive. Your guide will take you on a tour of this magnificent historical gem. Not only will you get to know the famous King Christian the 4th, you will also be taken on a journey through more than one thousand years of Danish history told through art, furniture, private belongings and various exhibits. In the castle church you will learn about the Danish Royal Orders and see the many Coats of Arms of the recipients. Look closely and you will find famous names such as General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery and Winston Churchill whose efforts during the Second World War were widely recognized and celebrated by the Danish people both during and after the war. 

Once done with the guided tour you will have time to explore the castle on your own. Visit the splendid Baroque garden or revisit those rooms of the castle you found most interesting.


Your tour will now continue to the village of Fredensborg which is centred round Fredensborg Castle – a favourite get-away destination for her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. Here you will enjoy a photostop which gives you the opportunity to walk almost all the way to the front door of this magnificent 18th century manor house and to the beautiful gardens which mix the baroque and romantic styles.


Terms and conditions

Date & time: Wednesday, 29 May at hrs. 13:00-18:00 (1.00 PM - 6.00 PM)

Starts and ends at: Scandic Copenhagen Hotel

Price per person: EUR 55 

The price includes: English speaking guide, lunch box including one mineral water and admission to mentioned museums, buildings and landmarks.

Cancellation: The guest can cancel the tour free of charge (an administration fee at EUR 10 applies) until 29 April. Cancellation after 29 April will be full payment. 

Reservations: Minimum 48 guests are required on each tour. In event less than 48 guests have signed up the Organizer may cancel the tour. In event of cancellation the guest will be offered space on available tours or have the paid fee reimbursed in full.


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