Application to host SPP10

The SPP Steering Committee is inviting candidatures for the organization of SPP10.

Interested candidates should send their application before May 19th 2019, 12:00 (CET) to both of the following e-mail addresses:


Din Ping Tsai, SPP Steering Committee Chair,

Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi, SPP9 Conference Chair,

N. Asger Mortensen, SPP9 Conference Co-char,


The application consists of a presentation in pdf format (equivalent to a 15 min. oral presentation) addressing the following points of the candidate’s concept for hosting SPP10:


1) Presentation of hosting group (should be active in SPP research)


2) Tentative date of SPP10 taking into account meteorology, occupation rate/costs of hotels according to season, and the timing of other related conferences.


3) Conference venue: Capacity in number of participants: between 400 and 600 (eventually more).


- Cost of conference rooms.

- Video and acoustic devices.

- Proximity of airport and significant number of relevant hotels.

- Possibility of poster sessions.

- Concept for lunches and coffee breaks.

- Internet wireless connection free of charge (or included in conference fee) for all participants during the conference.


4) City:


- Public transportation facilities from hotels to conference venue.

- Hotel rooms category capacity and prices (including lower prices for students).

- Tourism aspects.


5) Proposed timeline of conference


- Possible dates for milestones such as call for abstracts, abstract submission, registrations, ...

- Proportion of invited talks to contributed talks, expected poster papers, number of poster sessions


6) Social events:


- Excursion.


7) Conference website + internet registration & payment


8) Budget Breakdown


- Conference fee

- Public and private sponsors

- Excursion

- SPP Steering Committee (registrations waived)

- Food & drinks

- Conference rooms

- Acoustic & video devices, laser pointers

- Poster boards

- Poster prizes

- Conference booklet, badges, etc.

- Conference website and internet payment

- Grants for students and eligibility criteria

- Any other costs/income


9) Details of inclusions in conference fee: 


- Coffee breaks, lunches, banquet, booklet of abstracts, drinks during poster sessions, wireless internet access,etc.


10) Any other relevant points


-The best applications will be invited to give a 15 min. (max) presentation of their concept for SPP10 to the SPP Steering Committee on Thursday May 30th, 2019 at 19:00 (CET). For this hearing, the candidates are requested to bring 10 paper copies of their slides and to be ready to answer questions on their concept.



The SPP10 conference location and chairperson will be announced by the SPP9 chairman during the closing ceremony SPP9.


SPP9, c/o BDP Congress

Bredgade 28, DK-1280 Copenhagen


Call: +45 3345 4510